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Passive Connectivity Solutions

Just like networking is the life line for IT,? so is the passive connectivity critical for a robust network.?? Although ignored as a routine job,? a carefully designed and implemented passive network layout is required to extract the optimum performance from the network.?

  • Cables and cables management
  • Connectors, faceplates and boxes
  • Splitters & multiplexers
  • Patch panels and network racks
  • Cable laying, crimping & rack dressing

Network testing and Audit

CCTV Networking

Human intrusion threats are on the rise, not only in commercial but personal domain too and video surveillance has becoming common place.? CCTV networking is a slightly specialised domain compared to regular networking and Vintech offers services in this field?

  • IP and Analog cameras
  • NVRs & DVRs
  • CCTV Placement & network design
  • Additional storage solutions for recordings

Network Security

With cyber attacks becoming common place , network security becomes very important for any organisation planning to protect its business from all kinds of threats.?? Although IT and cyber security is a vast subject, Vintech provides solutions in some key aspects for its customers.?

  • Firewalls ? Appliances and virtual
  • Unified threat management
  • End point and device security
  • Secure wireless and SD WAN
  • Advanced threat protection

Application security

Networking Solutions

If Datacentre is the heart of any IT Infrastructure,? networking is its life line that connects IT to the business and the outside world.? And as such is one of the most critical components in IT and its robustness and secure design defines how vulnerable it is to threats from outside and within the organisation. Vintech can handle all sorts of networking requirements , simple or complex.?

  • Switching & Routing
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Network access control
  • Network design and heat maps
  • UEBA & NTA