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Servers are the most omnipresent component of any data centre.? As the computing power and memory sizes are growing,? new versions and solutions are evolving in compute, partly based on need and partly driven by technology.? We specialise in all kinds of compute solutions.? To name a few:?

  • Entry level SOHO solutions
  • Applications based servers with and without virtualisation
  • SAP HANA and other ERP servers
  • High Performance Computing
  • Hyper converged infrastructure
  • GPU based servers for AI/ML and graphics requirements
  • Software defined composable solutions


Data is literally the life for any company and hence the storage solution for this data becomes a very critical part of any datacentre.? Selecting the right storage solution and sizing it as per data types,? usage pattern, growth plan, retention policy , compliance etc is a very crucial . Vintech has expertise in these areas and we have a variety of offerings.?

  • Entry level NAS & SAN solutions
  • Unified storage solutions
  • Enterprise class multi controller storage
  • Software defines storage
  • dHCI Solutions
  • GPU certified storage offerings


Virtualisation is no longer a new fancy technology, but a proven solution to make optimal use of available resources and to make the IT solutions agile and quick to deploy as per business needs. Years of experience and expertise makes us the inevitable choice for all virtualisations needs and our services include selecting and sizing the correct hardware,? monitoring and managing the Virtual sprawl.?

  • Server virtualisation
  • Application virtualisation
  • Graphics virtualisation
  • VDI & HSD solutions ????????????????
  • Private cloud infrastructure


With data becoming so critical, the importance of backup and disaster recovery solutions has increased. We can address the various parameters associated with it like, RTO/RPO objectives, long term retention policy, IT Audit & Government Compliance, frequency of restores, near and far DR solutions etc.?

  • Tape and disk based backups
  • Software defined D2D solutions
  • Backup software for Datacentres and End points
  • Replication, Disaster recovery and Archival solutions
  • Specialised backup solutions for virtualised environment
  • Cloud based backups